What are the ways to take a CISSP certification

What are the ways to take a CISSP certification

CISSP is a certification that is pursued in the field of IT Cyber ​​Security. The individuals who pursue this certification are very highly talented and have immense experience in the IT and cybersecurity field. Professionals appearing for this exam are already trained for a number of years, as this certification requires a huge amount of proper training and experience. It is a very technical field, where the certificate holder has to deal with many technical problems and is expected to solve them easily. It is one of the toughest certifications in the field of IT.

The CISSP certification requires candidates to have experience of at least 5 years. Passing the exam is the first thing, then after one clears the exam, this prerequisite is looked for. The experience required should be in two or more than two domains of CISSP CBK and should be paid employment. But in case you do not have the above mentioned 5 years of experience, and you clear the exam, you are not deemed ineligible as they provide another method to become a certified member. They give you the designation of Associate of (ISC) 2, and then you have to spend six years as an Associate in order to gain the CISSP certification. Once you become a CISSP, then there are several career opportunities open for you. You can apply for different job roles in several small and large companies.

Several job options in the CISSP field

The several positions open for professionals after the completion of their certification; the major ones are Security Architect, Security Analyst, Chief Information Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, Security Auditor, Director of Security, IT Manager, among several other designations. This certification imparts highly essential knowledge that is required by normal customers and companies all over the world. They help us in shielding our personal data, as cybercrime is on the rise. Since the last 2-3 decades, the rates of cybercrimes around the world have increased by manifolds. There are several individuals who are going for this certification to gain very important and exclusive knowledge one obtains through its training. This exam tests the ability and proficiency of the candidates to deal with the several challenges that are most likely to arise in their future if they take up jobs in this field, especially in IT Cybersecurity. CISSP certified individuals have to be very dedicated and committed to their company’s work policy by practicing CISSP training methods.

Unavoidable benefits of CISSP

There is one overwhelming advantage in this field, and it is zero percent unemployment. There are hundreds and thousands of posts open for cybersecurity experts in several companies. Once you get certified, there are numerous opportunities open for you globally as this certification is valued in more than 170 countries. The ISSA and ISACA chapters help you in obtaining this certification and complete your dream. These chapters have a worldwide presence, hence increasing the job opportunities as well reaches several individuals. The CISSP certification exam is available to individuals in 8 languages. So a large number of individuals can access the exam and appear for it. The exam is known as CISSP CAT. The exam is of 1000 marks, and one had to attain 700 marks or more to qualify. The exam duration is of 3 hours. There are around 100-150 items in the English CISSP CAT exam. The Non-English exam has around 250 items. The languages in which this exam is available are English, German, French, Brazilian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean and also for the visually impaired.

Nature of exam

This exam is very technical in nature, and so are the jobs and domains. The eight domains that are provided by (ISC)2 should be given special care. To attend this exam, you have to create a Personal VUE, and then you can schedule an exam for yourself according to your feasibility. These job roles have the utmost importance in society as cybercriminals are on the rise now. These cybersecurity experts are like a shield for the normal mass. They assist the common masses and organizations in tackling the threat of cybersecurity. The less number of certifications available in the field of cybersecurity and having a certification here will make you distinct. It will help you get recruited to several companies—individuals who want to become industry experts in this field.

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