What is CISA Certification? A Beginner's Guide to CISA

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Since cyberattacks are occurring on a regular basis, the necessity of the cybersecurity professionals who can protect the valuable asset of the industry has increased. Cybersecurity is one of the most stable job careers, and it has various job opportunities or choices to make.

Certified Information Systems Auditor or CISA certification validates your skills and expertise in auditing, controlling, and monitoring the valuable information. You will be able to boost up your career level with this certification.

With a cybersecurity certification, you can increase your chances of leading a successful career. It can also help you develop your career further. It will also help you to receive a higher salary and better income.


You must meet the eligibility criteria to be able to apply for the CISA certification exam, such as:

You must attain a total of 4000 hours of permanent work experience in Information Security.
You should also have one year of experience in systems auditing, monitoring, and security experience. You can exchange this with work experience in Information auditing.

Advantages of the CISA certification:

Improves your knowledge: To achieve the CISA certification, you have to undergo training. These training allow you to learn additional skills and knowledge in the field of cybersecurity. You will also be able to improve your practical experience with the help of this certification course.
Credibility: You will be able to showcase your skills and knowledge with this certification. Since this certification is recognized globally, you will gain various job opportunities. It also proves your dedication to your job. It will add value to your resume and allow you to stand out amongst the other candidates.
Higher Salary: It is also seen that the CISA certified professionals receive a higher salary than ordinary candidates or employees.
Better Job Prospects: You can gain a huge amount of job opportunities with this certification. You can also boost up your career level with this certification. Getting job opportunities abroad will also be possible with this certification since it proves your expertise and skills. CISA certified professionals usually receive higher respect and acknowledgement within their organization.

Job Opportunities:

There are numerous job opportunities available after achieving this certification, such as:

IT Consulting
Internal Auditor
Privacy Officer
IT Risk and Assurance Manager
Security Officer
IS analyst
Chief Information Officer
IT Audit Manager

Exam contents:

You are examined on your skills and knowledge across the eight known domains of CISA certification such as Information Systems, Support and Operations, Management and Governance of IT, Process of Information System Auditing, Protection of Information Assets and Information Systems, Acquisition, Development and Implementation.

You must score around 450 marks out of 800 marks to clear the CISA certification exam. You have to finish the exam within four hours. It contains around two hundred multiple choice-based questions. Also, the CISA certification is not a permanent certification. You have to renew this certification every three years to keep it active. You also have to pay an additional fee to maintain your certificate and collecting CPE is also important.

Registration of the CISA Exam:

You have to register for the CISA certification online. To register for the exam, you have to meet the requirements to take up the certification exam. You should book your certification exam after ensuring your full preparation. You have to understand the basics to expand your career further. You can also take up online training courses to help you with your preparation. These training courses will allow you to increase your chances at clearing the certification on your first attempt.

CISA certification expenses:

CISA certification contains various expenses included in it. CISA exam early registration costs $525 with ISACA member, and if you do not have the ISACA membership, your cost is around $710. You can gain uncountable benefits with ISACA membership. ISACA membership benefits include international fees, membership costs, and so on. The standard model of the CISA certification costs around $575 for candidates with ISACA membership, and it costs around $760 for candidates without any PMI membership. You have to maintain the CISA certification every three years. You have to earn the CPEs regularly every three years. The additional cost of the CISA certification is around $40 for candidates with membership.

The demand for CISA certification is rapidly increasing each day, and it validates both your skills and knowledge and provides you with various job opportunities and higher income.